We are those specific guys who craft simple but beautiful and smart products with passion

We create digital goods that solve business problems — automate processes, gather insights and improve your customers’ quality of life.

Our team is intentionally small, usually working on one product at a time.

Our clients are passionate profes­sionals who do care, and we have unusually close relationship with them.

You know what to expect from excellent service, we know how to deliver it


Before creating anything, we will start by getting to know you and your business, your hopes and dreams about it.


As soon as we have figured out where you want to go, we create a route for how to get there. We call it strategy and send to you along with price and a deadline.


We iterate frequently, reacting fast to market changes or adapting to your customers' needs. Between iterations we analyze feedback, then prioritize and refine our strategy.


And we almost never stop. Usually we support and evolve our products after shipping throughout their lifetime.


We fix time and budget, but leave the scope flexible. You don't overpay, your product will be delivered in time, but some features will likely be postponed to next iteration.


We truly love our trade and value our reputation. We never compromise on quality, always take responsibility for result and want to see our signature on it.

Does that work for you?

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We’ll ask questions and describe how we can help you.